My first day at work as an escort girl

My first day at work as an escort girl

I’m an active girl who loves to work as an escort girl and my first time was a month ago.

It was through a website that offers a girl to go on a date with someone in exchange for money, a website that offers escort service.

As an escort girl my first time was with a married man, 27-year-old, who was in Tel Aviv on business trip he contacted me last week through the site and suggested to meet, in addition, he said that if we like each other and get on, he was willing to meet with me twice a week on a regular basis.

I agreed. He told me in what hotel he was staying at what time to arrive and he also told me what to wear.

We met in the hotel bar when I arrived I noticed he was not a bad looking guy, relatively thin and slightly tanned, He bought me a drink and we talked a little with each other. he asked me about my work as an escort girl and the escort service itself, I didn’t  tell him that I’ve just started to work but I told him that it’s  a challenging job and a good income.

Eventually he suggested we go upstairs to his room and I followed him out of the bar. we sat on the bed and talked a bit before he suddenly kissed me, after a few seconds he sat laid back and said, “I like how you do that, take off your  clothes and let’s see what else you’re good at.” I took off my clothes and began to give him a blowjob. He stopped me after a few minutes and told me he wanted to do me from behind, I turned around and he begin. I did not expect him to finish so fast, but he did.

After a few moments he lay down and told me to come snuggle with him. I came near him and put my head on his chest, I asked him if it was the first time he uses the escort services and also I asked him how I was? He told me he thought I was funny, sweet and “to good at that “and that he doesn’t want to meet again.  He said he’s afraid to make an emotional attachment or to fall in love, he said it might complicated things with he’s wife.

I told him it was fine by me and we talked some more before I got dressed, I waited for him to pay but it didn’t look like he was going to do something about it or to advance in that direction.  I reminded him about the payment and he made a surprise face, taking the purse and counting every bill carefully before he threw the money on the bed.

I collected the money and left with the agreement to not meet again.

I felt dirty after the meeting but my future experiences were much better after that.