Losing virginity

Losing virginity

Every man around the age of 18 needs some woman to teach him about sex, and there’s no one better than escort girl.

Horny teenagers think they know everything about sex, they saw all the porn movies and even dated a few times the cute girl in their class.

In the last date she even agreed to kiss on the mouth but nothing beyond it. a lot of men have psychological barrier when they afraid to go to the next stage and sleep with a girl. the girl can sense this insecurity and become reluctant to sleep with man herself. the thing girls appreciate most is self esteemed man and attracted to them like bees to flowers.

The question is how to become confident with girls? some men just jump into the water and go with it, but other man are shy and we sometimes see 30 year old virgins.

The best solution in this case is a cute escort girl to take a man into the next stage and give him the confident he needs. escorts see many virgins on a daily basis who does sex for the first time and they know how to treat them.

The lady from the escort services can make the man comfortable and open to women, she doesn’t’ laugh at him even though he knows nothing about sex, the escort was a virgin too once. she’s concentrating on foreplay to make him comfortable first.

First of all she teaches him how to open a bra, an art every man ought to know. later she explain how to fondle her tits gently and at the same time suck her nipples tenderly, not with force like they see in porn .

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After that she slowly suck his virgin cock, and teaches him how to put on a condom, many young men don’t know how to do that.

Before he fucks her she show him how to give oral pleasure licking gently her pussy and clit. then he start to push his tool inside back and forth and she start to moan. unfortunately its all over after 3 minutes.

This is how it is in the first time, the escort show understanding and hugs him until he leaves. next time he’l learn other things to make him a professional.