Escort in Ramat Gan

Escort in Ramat Gan

My manager told me it was my turn to go up and go, he gave me the address and the time and said that I’ll leave already so I will not be late. He told me that the client wanted someone blonde and I was last that night.

I felt tired and I got to work feeling bad, but I gathered my wits and hit the road. The taxi driver came quickly and was very nice, he told me that he had read a few jokes and he wanted to tell me them and made me laugh all the way to the customer, when we arrived I paid the driver and got to a house that was very beautiful with a large garden and seemed to have toys of children. When I entered the customer told me he was married with children and his wife and children travelled to their parents for his birthday and he could not reach due to work matters, we talked some more until he told me to go into the bedroom and wait for him there naked, he went back to bare himself with a bottle of red wine and two glasses, he turned on pop music that was not expected, some kind of a teenage pop music.

He started licking my chest, I moaned with pleasure and stroked his hair as he began to go down slowly towards the stomach and further down. He said he was very fond of women, and I was not the only escort girl he had ordered and also he goes sometimes to bars hitting on the girls with his friends. He started licking me between my legs, I closed my hips around him he didn’t seem to resist and continued.

He told me he wanted to do me in the shower and we went there, there was a bathtub and he filled the water with foam and I went in.  Just after I entered he stood over me and let me suck his cock, then he went in to do all sorts of uncomfortable poses he insisted on until he finished on the chest.

I continues to bathe a little and then I got dressed and he asked me if I have time and if I’m hungry, I did not feel so hungry but did not bother me to nibble a little s and I said yes and that’s okay if I will stay a few more minutes. I went into the bedroom and he brought me a giant bowl of fruit and began to devour everything that was there, he told me he was very fond of fruits and his wife bought him every week a huge selection of fruits, I laughed and joined him. We talked a bit more and I asked him how I was as an escort girl and if he likes the escort services, he told me he enjoyed very much and that he recommends the escort service to all of his friends.

After we finished he paid and I went back to get a taxi glad that I came to work today because I I had a good experience that day.