Escort Girl Experience in Tel Aviv

Escort Girl Experience in Tel Aviv

This was my first client that became a regular, as a starting escort girl I didn’t learn to create a long term relationships yet and no one bothered to teach me so it took me a while.

On Monday I took a taxi to the customer after he had contacted me on my cell phone.

On the way to the customer me and the driver talked about the Second World War and listened to Frank Sinatra songs, while we were talking I began to feel butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know who the man was and there was no way to guess I was a bit nervous because some of the guys can be good but some of them can be very nasty and he had a tone that sounded like the nasty type.

When we arrived I thanked the driver and got to skyscraper, I called the customer to ask the on what floor he was on and he explained he was on the 22nd.

While I took the elevator the butterflies have passed and I began to feel a sense of security, When I entered I noticed he had a very nice apartment with a lot of expensive furniture and pictures that looked very old antique like, he offered me a drink from a selection of all kind of alcohol, I asked him for white wine and he immediately poured me a glass.

We talked a bit and he told me he was a regular in the escort service and currently looking for an escort girl who he can invite every week home. He told me how he split with his girlfriend because she found the escort services number and called them by mistake, thinking it’s a number of the contractor.

I asked him how long they were together and he told me it didn’t matter to take my clothes off. I took off my shoes and I got on the bed beginning to undress slowly and saw how his smile widen and smiled back.

When I was completely naked he took off his shirt and opened the belt of the pants, telling  me to come closer’ I took off his jeans and begin to give him a blowjob, in addition I started to moan and it seem to please him.

He stopped me and turned to his stereo system to turn on music, he played a soft sexy music melody and told me to approach him and get on my knees.  I kept sucking him for about 10 minutes until he stopped me and told me he wanted me to get on hi, so I did and I began to spin off my hips and he looked like he was really enjoying our dance.

We did a few more positions that he asked for and finally finished. Meanwhile I got dressed and finished my wine, he told me I was one of the best escort girls that he had and wanted me to come back next Friday. We agreed on the time and day and he invited me to a taxi, he was even willing to pay for the taxi itself, he told me to say hi to the guy that always answers him at the escort services, then he paid me and I gave him a kiss on the cheek glad I satisfied a customer.